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My DVD Review: “The Howling Reborn” (mp3)

I checked out THE HOWLING REBORN the other night on Netflix. WOWWWW.

Listen to my full review!


My DVD Review: “Rammbock: Berlin Undead” (mp3)

I checked out RAMMBOCK: BERLIN UNDEAD and here’s my review.


Movie Reviews…

I watched a couple of movies…check out my reviews!!



I really hope no one’s NOT seen FIRST BLOOD. (lol)

My Movie Review: ‘Mad Max’

MAD MAX came on TV the other day…I don’t know what it is…but every time this movie comes on…I have to watch it. It’s a 1979 classic, cult film people and if you’ve never watched it – make some popcorn and watch a young Mel Gibson do his thing.


My Netflix Movie Review: ‘Red White and Blue’

RED WHITE & BLUE…what a crazy, twisted, good flick. If you like ‘WTF is going on’ movies…then you need to take some time out of your day or night…and watch RED WHITE & BLUE. (LOL) But be prepared people…I felt it started of realllllyyyyyy slow…but then POW! Here comes the CRAZY, TWISTED STUFF.


Without giving away too much…the movie’s filmed in Austin, Texas (A-Town Represent!!) and follows this girl named Erica. Right off the back…you see her walking the streets of Austin…walks into a bar…meets some guys…heads back to their place…and sleeps with them. AT THE SAME TIME.




My Netflix Movie Review: ‘Knuckle’

I finally had the chance to check out KNUCKLE today. GOOD LORD…if I would’ve known there was so much blood and punches…I would’ve watched sooner! (LOL)

The documentary starts off…oh yeah. It’s a documentary people. KNUCKLE is about a film dude…who follows two Irish families. One family is led by James Quinn McDonagh and the other is led by Paddy ‘The Lurcher’ Joyce. If you’re a fan of violence found in such movies like, FIGHT CLUB or SNATCH…this is right up your alley.


My Netflix Movie Review: ‘Quarantine 2: Terminal’

I checked out QUARANTINE 2: TERMINAL the other night. The movie starts off at LAX…yep, as in the airport. Flight attendants are boarding a plane and preparing for the flight. As the passengers start to board…you pretty much see who your dealing with. A science dude (who I didn’t trust from the beginning), a kid traveling by himself, a few couples, some hampsters, a cat, and so on. As soon as the plane takes off…you THINK everything’s cool…when all of a sudden…this 300 lb. dude runs for the cockpit of the airplane…dude’s going nuts…spitting up shit…going LOCO!!


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