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Watch My Movie Review: ‘The Collection’

I checked out THE COLLECTION the other night and I FINALLY can talk about it! (lol) Enjoy my review and don’t forget…THE COLLECTION hits theaters today.

Once you see it…let me know what you think!


My Blu-Ray Review: “Brave”

I watched BRAVE the other night and I gotta say…I wish I would have seen this one in the theater. HUGE theater screen with surround sound would have made this movie even BETTER. If you can’t tell by now…YES. I liked BRAVE. But…by NOT seeing it in the theater…I got my hands on this Blu-ray Collector’s Edition.


Watch My Review for ‘Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2’ [VIDEO]

I checked out another movie people…THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN PART 2…actually, I attended the TWILIGHT Marathon at Star Cinema Grill. We started at 11:25 AM with TWILIGHT then NEW MOONECLIPSEBREAKING DAWN PART 1 and then finally the epic finale…BREAKING DAWN PART 2.

I hope you enjoy my movie review. Comments are always welcome below!

My Movie Review: Grave Encounters 2

I checked out another movie…GRAVE ENCOUNTERS 2.

Enjoy the review! Feel free to leave a comment below if you’d like.


My AudioBoo Movie Review: “Sinister”

I checked out another movieSINISTER…Now Playing in theaters.

Watch My Movie Review: “Flight” (video)

Quite a few movies hit theaters today…including Denzel Washington’s new film, FLIGHT. Are you still on the fence about seeing it? Well, you’re in luck…I saw it and here’s my review. ENJOY.

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@MIKEthemovieguy’s Movie Review: “Tai Chi Zero”

I checked out another movie…Kung Fu action flick…TAI CHI ZERO. Check out my full review, trailers, and more HERE.

It’s opening in select theaters October 19, 2012

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