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‘Shake What Yo Mama Gave Ya’ Contest

Rock Ya Body Fridays’ every weekend at Club Roxy in Houston. DJ Wicked (@djwkd23) in the mix and myself (@mikethemovieguy) on the mic.


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Chingo Bling ‘Booty’ Contest

We had a special guest at Club Roxy during the Memorial Day weekend…CHINGO BLING! Not only did he ‘Host’ and ‘DJ’ at the club – but he was my guest judge for the booty contest.

He might get pink eye! (video)

Just another night at the office – every Friday night at the Roxy in Houston…if you haven’t been…what are you waiting for? I just love all my girls.


‘It was one HUGE birthday party!’ (video)

Last Friday night – we started a new chapter at the Roxy in Houston…We welcomed DJ WICKED to the turntables. You could say it was an interesting night. (LOL) Birthday celebrations EVERYWHERE! Ahhhh, good times.

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OK OK…I had to give you a DOUBLE dose of videos…HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEZI!


PHOTOS from the Roxy

‘She came prepared!!’ (video)

It was the last Friday night in January and the ladies came out in full force…they came to battle! ROCK YA BODY FRIDAYS every weekend at the Roxy in Houston.



‘I’m A Sucka for tattoos!’ (video)

On January 20th, just 2 days after my birthday – DJ Penetrate and I threw a little party at the Roxy in Houston. Good times every weekend. (LOL) Make sure your following them on Twitter at @RoxyHouston and check out their page.

ROCK YA ‘BOOTY’ Contest every Friday night…POW! Shoutouts to all my ladies…ya’ll got bigger balls than we do.



Friday the 13th ‘Booty’ Contest (video)

Not only is Friday the 13th a great day to watch all of the FRIDAY THE 13th movies…but it’s also a great day for a booty contest. (LOL) Yep, Friday nights at the Roxy in Houston.

Remember girls…sometimes ‘less is more.’


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