Mike ‘The Movie Guy’ Pierce

Just a little about myself…my name is Mike “Pierce” Mireles (a.ka. Mike the movie guy)…I’ve been in the industry now for about 15 years. I started in radio at the age of 25. The station was called, KISS 98.5 KISS AGAIN 103.3 (When radio was fun)… I was the afternoon producer, then I got to host my own weekend after hour shows called, The Underground (Dj JD Arnold) and The Wigg Mixx (Dj Fusion)…after a couple of years there…I jumped into the record business and helped start a label here in Houston called, Latium Records (which is now Latium Entertainment). We were probably one of the first Houston Latin labels in the early 90’s. We put out several remix 12”s, compilations, and artist albums.

After being there for about 2 years…I got the itch to get back into radio. I jumped in with 100.7 House Party…which later turned into Party 104.9…I rocked several clubs here in Houston…but I’m probably known best for a spot called, Club Coco Loco…I rocked the mic with Dj Ovadose for about 3 years – we had fun during our LIVE broadcasts. I then had the chance to do my own night show – made the move to South Texas. I lived in McAllen, Texas for 3 years doing nights at a hip-hop station called, 96.1 The Beat…Then…once again…politics got involved…and I had to bounce. I got the opportunity to move to Albuquerque, NM and do nights there – but decided I didn’t want to stay in Texas.

That’s when the movie business came knocking at my door. I moved back to Houston and started working with a promotions/marketing agency based out of Los Angeles. Anything that the movie studio needed to get the word out about a film…I did it…After being there for 5 years…I decided it was time for a break….A little “Mike Time”…at the moment…on the weekends’…I emcee/host at one of the longest running clubs here in Houston, Club Roxy.

I blog, webcast, watch reality TV, Tweet, surf the interweb, bike, watch movies, YouTube, promote…you name it…I probably do it




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