“Paranormal Activity 4” Interview with Christopher Chacon (video)

Hey movie fans. Last week, I had the chance to speak with Christopher Chacon. He’s an Anomalist, Scientific Investigator of Paranormal Activity. We chatted about a few things – including the new film, PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4…which happens to be playing it theaters. Have you seen it yet?

Now, please excuse the static throughout the interview though – – – it was weird. Last interview I did – – – went fine. This one….weird. All static. I hadn’t planned on posting it online – but everyone I chatted with on Twitter and Facebook – wanted to hear it. So, here it is. ENJOY.

…and guess what? I chatted with Christopher’s people today. Thought they would be upset about the interview. Get this. This isn’t the first time this has happened. He does an interview. STATIC. Weird.

What I wanna know is – – – is ‘something’ trying to say something with him OR…is ‘something’ NOT wanting him to be heard?! Hmmmmmm.

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