Blockbuster Party’s for “MADAGASCAR 3” DVD Release

OHHH BOY, OH BOY! On the behalf of Blockbuster – I’d like to scream OUT LOUD… “THE CIRCUS IS COMING TO TOWN!!” In preparation for the DVD release of  MADAGASCAR 3 ‘EUROPE’S MOST WANTED’ – Blockbuster circus parties are happening THIS Saturday, October 6th!

Blockbuster pre-sale of MADAGASCAR for $5 gift card

Consumers are invited to reserve a copy of their Madagascar DVD and get a $5 gift card. They will get the gift card when they pick up a copy of their DVD in store after the DVD streets (on October 16).

In support of the sale – on Saturday, October 6 form 10am-2pm Blockbuster stores across the country will host MADAGASCAR themed circus parties. Employees will be encouraged to wear clown wigs and host the special themed party throughout the store. Stores will be draped in circus theme – with red, yellow, blue and white balloons and circus flags. Kids will be encouraged to get their face painted, put together a mask, play pin-the-tail on Gloria and watch MADAGASCAR 1 and 2!

Find your store and more details at

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