Wilmer Vaderrama’s ‘King Of The Floor’ is coming July 12! (video)

Looks pretty interesting…I’ll give it a try…looks way better than that ‘Yo Mama’ Show…that’s for sure! (lol)

“16 break dancers. Only 1 will be King of the Floor. Check out the most intense dance competition series ever, where one-on-one dance battles explode out of an underground world. Let’s find out what drives these guys and girls into battle like this. Then let’s see who has what it takes to bring their game to the next level, as judged three break dancing legends. Created and executive produced by Wilmer Valderrama.” – NUEVON

“16 break dancers. Sólo 1 será King of the Floor (El Rey de la Pista) . No te pierdas la serie de competencia de baile con explosivas batallas one-on-one desde el mundo underground. Descubre que es lo que motiva a todos los concursantes para batallar bailando de esta manera. Veremos quien tiene el talento, la garra y la energía que se necesita para impresionar a tres legendarios jueces. Creado y producido por Wilmer Valderrama.” – NUEVON

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