The Devil Inside: DVD/Blu-ray Disc Release Event “LA’s Infamous Linda Vista Hospital” (video)


Originally opened in 1904 by the Santa Fe Railroad, the once heralded hospital fell into disrepair by the 1980s and became known for its high number of patient deaths. Now long-abandoned, and rife with tales of terrifying happenings throughout the decades, the hospital provided an ideal setting for a foray into the world beyond what we see…

Attending press learned about the hospital’s chilling manifestations from members of the “Boyle Heights Paranormal Project” and spoke with cast members from the film Suzan Crowley (“Maria Rossi”) and Bonnie Morgan (“Rosa”) as well as Maja D’Aoust, the White Witch of Los Angeles.  Upon their departure, attendees were blessed by a priest.

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  1. I know a lot of people did not like this movie but I really liked it. It dragged at points but what found footage films don’t? It is done to explain the story and this one is an intriguing, creepy tale.

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