My Movie Review: “Detention”

I had the chance to watch an early screening of Joseph Kahn’s new film, DETENTION…which actually hits theaters Friday, April 13th…yes…FRIDAY THE 13TH…a perfect time for a high school slasher flick if you ask me. DETENTION stars Josh Hutcherson…yes ladies…Josh from THE HUNGER GAMES…I can hear the screams now, Shanley Caswell, Dane Cook and some other peeps. The movie’s about a group of students who attend Grizzly Lake High School…the only thing on their little minds…graduating and…PROM. One morning at school – they hear that one of their fellow students has been murdered – a serial killer is on the loose people!! Now, Riley (Caswell), Clapton (Hutcherson) and their other friends must figure out who’s trying to kill them and the other students of Grizzly Lake High School.

 Sooooo, what did I think of the movie? Nutz. I call DETENTION… “A crazy 90 minute ride!” It’s true…I read somewhere, that when the director was asked for HIM to describe the film, he was quoted by saying, ” Its an apocalyptic fantasy, horror, science fiction, action- thriller, body swapping, time-traveling teen romantic comedy.”

SEE. One word. NUTZ!

DETENTION took me back to movies like…PROMO NIGHT, SCREAM, THE BREAKFAST CLUB, and even STAR TREK. (watch it – you’ll see!) Oh, did I mention it had a cool soundtrack? Like I said – DETENTION is “a crazy 90 minute ride” of a movie – if you like movie’s like that – check it out this weekend. OH…and don’t text, talk, or leave the theater – if you do – you just might get lost. BYHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

I give DETENTION… 3 out of 5 Popcorns!

…and if you read this Mr. Joseph Kahn…I’m patiently waiting for…CINDERHELLA!

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