I posted up some goodies!

I posted a few new things on my main blog, iWatchMike.com – some of the posts would include…

“Machine Gun Preacher” DVD/Blu-ray release info

“The Grey” DVD/Blu-ray release info

Mel Gibson’s new movie trailer, “Get the Gringo”

Rock Ya Booty Contest video

Game of Thrones trailers

Carlos from the film, “Hop” visits a Houston school

Jennifer Love Hewitt’s MAXIM video/photo shoot

Introducing “Sock-O-Leche” video

WIN “Detention” movie screening passes

“Total Recal” trailer

Comic-Con video

The People Respond to “American Reunion” video

Apple TV review

The Walking Dead meets Maury

Pie Eating Contest video

@Jaketakes talks with Guy Pearce of “Lockout”

True Blood Season 5 trailer

“Ted” Redband trailer (hilarious)

“The Woman” DVD review

Dj Penetrate & Don Vaughn Jam (video)

PAX 2012 (video)

Playboy.com Amateur Shoot (video)

Morgan Spurlock and Stan Lee Talk “Comic-Con Episode IV” (video)


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