My Movie Review: ‘Silent House’

I checked out SILENT HOUSE the other night…first I have to say…I did NOT know the “Full House” Olsen twins had a sister. A niceeee sister I may add. (LOL) She goes by the name of Elizabeth Olsen, might have heard of her in another movie, MARTHA MARCY MAY MARLENE – which I hear…she does a good job in. (movie’s on my Netflix Q list)

SILENT HOUSE is a remake of the foreign film, THE SILENT HOUSE (La Casa Muda) – haven’t’ seen it yet – but that’s on my Netflix Q as well. SILENT HOUSE is from the directors that brought you OPEN WATER (crazy ass ocean movie) – Elizabeth Olsen plays a girl named Sarah – the movie starts off with her, her dad and uncle at their secluded lake house. They’re there fixing it up…packing – – pretty much getting everything ready – – the house it going on the market – selling that bad boy. As it gets later in the day – weird things start to happen…Sarah’s hearing noises…but no one’s believing her. Dad gets into an argument with his brother…uncle leaves…now it’s just good ole dad and Sarah left in this HUGE freaking house.


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