Today was a productive day people…locked in a few things…promoted a few things…shared a few things…ya’ll know me. (LOL) One of the cool things I did do…JOINED A PODCAST! Yep – I was asked to join the REALLY GENIUS RADIO podcast on Spreaker.com

After chatting with the hosts, Holliday (@TheyCallMeHolla) and Carter Lee (@thecarterlee) – I start next week…talking entertainment…talking TV…TALKING MOVIES! I’m really excited about this – back on the radio again…internet radio! BYAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Please show them some ‘LIKE’ love on their Facebook fan page REALLY GENIUS RADIO.

Click on their link and check out the show!! SPREAD THE WORD! BYYYAAHHHHHHHHHH!!

Holliday and Carter Lee host Really Genius Radio every Wednesday from 8-11PM CST.

REALLY GENIUS RADIO – Follow and Listen

Send them your questions and comments at reallygeniusradio@gmail.com or leave them a message at 832-736-7667

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You can download REALLY GENIUS RADIO from iTunes as well.

iTunes > PODCASTS (search) Really Genius Radio > Society & Culture > Really Genius Radio (Subscribe for FREE)

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