My Movie Review: THE HIDDEN FACE (La Cara Oculta)

I had the chance to watch the foreign film, LA CARA OCULTA (THE HIDDEN FACE) last night. Holy smokes. Talk about a gooooooood movie. It’s been a minute where I watch a movie and yell at the TV, “AHHHH that’s fu*ked up!”

The movie’s in Spanish people – so if you don’t understand it – never fear – there’s English subtitles. The movie stars Quim Gutierrez, Clara Lago, and Martina Garcia. I’m not really familiar with their works but….WOWWWWW…Clara Lago and Martina Garcia are HAWT….especially Martina Garcia…could it be that she’s naked in the film? Hmmmmmmm…HAWT.

If you’re a fan of foreign films – – If you you’re a fan of Spanish films…I suggest you see this movie. BUT…DO NOT WATCH THE TRAILER! I don’t know what the movie peeps were thinking when they made this – – but the trailer shows too much of the movie. You’re just going to have to take my word for it people. It’s worth the cash!!

Without telling you too much about the movie…THE HIDDEN FACE (LA CARA OCULTA) is about three people. A dude named Adrian (Quim Gutierrez) who’s an orchestral conductor – lives in Spain and gets a huge ‘job’ opportunity in Columbia…he moves and takes his hot girlfriend Belen (Clara Lago) with him. While there – she starts to feel that he might have another woman…with the help of Belen’s friend, Emma – they decide to play a little joke on him. THIS IS WHERE IT GETS FU*KED UP. I don’t wanna tell you any details…just know it’s a fu*cked up situation. After Belen’s ‘disappearance’ – Adrian decides to TRY and move on with his life. That’s where he meets Fabiana (SEXY Martina Garcia)…they start a relationship and then…it gets MORE FU*KED UP! Weird crap starts to happen at the house their staying in and even the dog Hans is acting all weird.

I must stop now. (LOL)

Like I said – DO NOT WATCH THE TRAILER…just watch the movie. The movie started today – – might be in selected theaters in your area – – BUT, I know for sure here in Houston…it’s only playing at the AMC Studio 30 on Dunvale.


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