@MIKEthemovieguy ‘Netflix’ Movie Review: ‘Edge of Darkness′

Watched EDGE OF DARKNESS last night…as you can see from the trailer – Mel Gibson’s back!! Back and bad ass. Yeah, I know he gets a bad rap sometimes…and some people don’t like him…but ya gotta admit…the man knows how to make a good movie. (LOL)

In EDGE OF DARKNESS…he plays an old skool homicide detective…one day, his daughter comes home to visit…’something’ happens where she’s needed to be rushed to the hospital…as they walk outside…BAM!!! She’s blown away with a shot gun…and let me tell you something…when she’s shot…you feel it. NOT COOL bad guys. Well – you know what that means…papa Gibson’s pissed. As dad starts looking around his daughter’s death…he realizes this ‘supposedly accidental’ hit – – is a lot bigger than he thought. Either way…LOOK OUT BAD GUYS…here comes a dad who has nothing to loose.

The movie’s really good y’all. Plenty of twists and turns. Some dope action scenes. I thought Mel delivered. The ending definitely got me…be ready.


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