Amber Rose Nude Photo Scandal – We Got The Pics!



Friday, July 1st 2011

Amber Rose was distraught after nude photos leaked online, though she knew it would happen.

Peter Kramer/AP

Amber Rose was distraught after nude photos leaked online, though she knew it would happen.

Amber Rose‘s nude photo scandal has caused her to spend the last few days in tears.

The model was distraught after someone she “trusted” leaked explicit pictures of her online – even though she knew the intimate snapshots might one day be shared with the masses.

The X-rated photos, which show Rose fully-nude and touching herself, were used in a story earlier this week that claimed she had sexted the images to Nicki Minaj‘s boyfriend.

Both Rose, 28, and Minaj, 26, denied the report was true. The singer remains happily dating her boyfriend, Safaree Samuels, while Rose is still in a relationship with rapper Wiz Khalifa.

But even a false story can cause significant damage.

“The company that I was working with no longer wants to work with me because of these pics and that prevents me from getting money to take care of my family,” Rose complained on TwitterWednesday.

Rose, who later clarified that she wasn’t dropped by her modeling agency, explained that the pictures were more than two years old and had been “just sitting in my computer.”

“I trusted someone that worked 4 me & allowed them to use my laptop a million times,” the beauty said. “I caught this person sending my pics to themselves and I fired this person immediately.”

Rose (l.) was accused of sexing Minaj’s boyfriend, Safaree Samuels. (Denise Truscello, Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage)

And Rose admitted she knew the pictures, unfortunately, would eventually make their way onto the web.

“Wiz & I & both of our families have known about this for 2 months now,” she said. “We tried to prepare ourselves for this day.”

As it turned out, nothing could prepare Rose for the pain she’s felt since the leak actually happened on Tuesday.

“I’m really hurt & embarrassed because I have so many young girls that look up to me,” she tweeted.

“I know I’m not the only girl in the world that has taken pics like that but they were very private,” Rose said. “I’m sorry for letting my young Rosebuds down.”

Minaj expressed surprise, however, that anyone believed the story was legitimate in the first place.

“I don’t address dumb sh-t,” she tweeted Thursday, adding, “I always assume intelligent ppl understand these ‘stories’ are 4 entertainment purposes only. But clearly [not].”

Minaj, who warned that “KARMA is a b-tch” and “every lie u print will come back to you & your children in one way or the other,” explained why she felt compelled to speak out about this rumor when she’s often the victim of so many other false stories.

“4 da record, only reason I addressed this is b/c its costing some1 their job,” she said.

And though Rose wrote that she “cried for the past 2 days,” she said she knows – eventually – this too “shall pass.”


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  1. I don’t see the big deal. I think she looks more attractive with her clothes on. LOL She knew these pix were out – all a stunt i bet. Ahhh, I love the internet.

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