Netflix DVD Review: ‘BLOOD CREEK’

I watched BLOOD CREEK the other night and it was pretty cool. It kind of reminded me of a ‘suped up’ episode of Supernatural. The movie starts off back in 1936…a family gets a call from the Third Reich (Yep, Nazi’s) they come a knocking on their door – see the Nazi’s kindly request the family to let a Professor Richard Wirth to stay there and ‘study’…little does the family – this professor’s up to something and that something is…the OCCULT.

Now we meet Evan…life isn’t the greatest for him…he’s a little bummed that his brother has gone missing while on a camping trip. Well, one night – his big brother Victor shows up and tells him, “Don’t say shit – grab the camping gear and all the guns you have.” They pack up the truck and head off into the night. NOW…this is where it gets good – You’re probably wondering where Victor is taking Evan…he’s taking him to that family’s house…I know, I know…you’re probably saying, “Mike – shouldn’t they be dead?” – yeah, that’s I thought when I was watching it – WRONGGGG. Remember that professor and how he was into the occult…well, he kept the family alive for over 70 years and has become some super warlock creature dude who feeds on people. (The dude is nuts)

See…the reason why Victor has been missing…it’s because this family kidnapped him and was letting the creature Nazi feed on him…well, Victor escaped and now wants to come back for some revenge.

BLOOD CREEK is a pretty dope movie with plenty of blood, guts, and zombies!

I give BLOOD CREEK…3 ½ out of 5 POPCORNS!


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