‘LOST BOYS: THE THIRST’ – Netflix DVD Review

I finally watched the LOST BOYS: THE THIRST on my Netflix streaming…hmmm…what can I say about this one. (LOL) It was pretty bad people. Yeah, pretty bad 😦

The Frog Brother’s are back…again…and this time their hunting a DJ vampire who…get this…throws raves in order to build his new vampire army. See, the movie starts off with Edgar Frog (Corey Feldman) getting a knock at the door – the bank’s about to seize his property – and he needs to find a way to make some $$ and fast! Lord and behold…a rich author contacts him…her little brother disappeared 2 years ago while attending one of these raves…and she believes DJ X has him and plans on sacrificing him during some ritual. Soooo…Edgar gathers the troops, grabs his vampire weapons, and heads to this rave to kill some vampires.

Like I said earlier – this movie’s pretty bad. But…when it first starts…it did have some cool stuff…like the begining credits – the whole comic book feel thing…I did like how they showed clips of the TRUE 1987 LOST BOYS’ movie…yes, WITH Corey Haim…(That was cool)…but the rest. Nope. Even the soundtrack was wack…trying to use some of the songs from the TRUE 1987 LOST BOYS…wack. I think I even heard Feldman singing one of the songs. Ouch.

I will say this though…THE THIRST was wayyyy better than THE TRIBE. (lol)


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