‘GREEN LANTERN’ star Blake Lively denies nude photo scandal! (photos)

Ok people. Not going to lie – I never knew this ‘Blake Lively’ name UNTIL these “supposedly” naked photos hit the internet the other night. (LOL) Apparently she’s from the TV show, “Gossip Girl’…Got me, I don’t watch the show. After doing some research…this Blake Lively’s in the upcoming film, GREEN LANTERN…THAT’S WHO THAT HOT CHICK IS! (LOL) When the pictures hit the internet…she denied it of course…but then 17 more pictures hit the internet. OUCH! Then her peeps came out this this statement:

“Blake has never taken nude photos of herself. Blake will pursue legal action against the publication which initially published these photographs and any other outlets that republish them in any manner,” said a spokesperson of the actress.

I don’t know people…it does look like her…in fact, people are saying the girl in the photo…has the same tattoos and cell phone as Mizz Blake Lively. Either way…if they are her…SHE’S A HOT TAMALE…and if there not…this other girl is a HOT TAMALE.

…it’s not going to stop me from watching GREEN LANTERN…might me watch it 3 more times though. (LOL) Just a lessen…if you take naked photos and have them on your celly…you might wanna delete them. (LOL)

Check out the photos below!

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