Evolution’s Play-by-Play man Crisco Kidd

Checkout my interview with Evolution Combat Sports Championship. I will be doing color commentating with Sal Mora and WEC vet Coty OX Wheeler for their first event Evolution 1 on Oct.30th in Clovis NM, near my home state of Texas! Check out ECSC at http://www.evolutioncombatsports.com/

Evolution’s Play-by-Play man Crisco Kidd

Sal Mora: Tell us a little bit about Crisco Kidd?

Crisco Kidd: I do radio and a WHOLE lots more! Get to know me at www.CriscoKiddBlockParty.com

Sal Mora: How did you become the color commentator for Evolution Combat Sports Championship?

Crisco Kidd: Sal Mora! Sal has been a great friend in the MMA world and has helped me expand what I do to a whole new genre and i love it!

Sal Mora: Have you ever been a color commentator for MMA or any other sport and if not what type of challenges do you foresee?

Crisco Kidd: I’ve hosted numerous shows, contests and events in my 11 years in radio, and I’ve even done play by play for football but as far a commentating for MMA, not yet, which is why I’m excited to start!

Sal Mora: What can fans expect to hear from Crisco Kidd come, October 30th live from Clovis, NM for E.C.S.C first event?

Crisco Kidd:  I think MMA fans like what I bring to the sport so far and I know they’ll love what is to come – I bring the average person’s point of view who might be new to the sport and at the same time show the enthusiasm of a person who follows the sport and loves or hates what’s going on in the ring!

Sal Mora: What is it about MMA that first caught your eye and what is it about the sport that keeps you tuned in?

Crisco Kidd: I never expected to be in this world, it all just happened… but I “stay tuned” because I appreciate how passionate both the fighters and fans are and that’s how sports should be.

Sal Mora: Who is your favorite pro fighter right now and why?

Crisco Kidd: Don’t really have a favorite, but there are a few I like to watch fight. But I will say, I am a fan and support any fighter who strength and condition trains at “Conditioned by Kelly Tekin”! I see how hard they work and they’re ready to win!

Sal Mora: Why do you think MMA as a whole has taken off these past few year?

Crisco Kidd: It’s REAL, it’s emotional and it’s what people want. I think people watch it and feel they can star at the bottom and get to the top just like many of the fighters have. People love a story, whether it’s someone else’s or the chance to make their own.

Sal Mora: Do think MMA will be a fad like some people say it may become or will it stand the test of time like rap music has done when people used to call it a fad?

Crisco Kidd: I think it’s here to stay. Of-course, it WILL follow the course just like any other “pop” culture trend as far as the people who follow trends, but for the TRUE fans of the sport, their support will keep MMA around. Hip hop has had some GREAT periods of time and then the not so great, same for boxing too.

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